Deo Vindice Properties

Commercial Real Estate Company Branding

We love our new professional branding and marketing materials.
The Challenge:

We were tasked with rebranding a well-known local commercial real estate company that had been in business for over 30 years.

The Outcome:

A new clean professional brand along with corporate style marketing materials help DVP stand out from their local competition.

even small local commercial real estate companies can have a clean corporate look and compete with regional and national brokerages.
The details:

A Florida panhandle commercial real estate company decided to totally renew their company and brand, starting with a new name – Deo Vindice Properties. This patriotic company wanted their patriotism to come across in their branding, so we decided on a red, white and blue color scheme that developed a professional look. The logo colors and classic fonts helped to establish the history of their brand.

DVP previously provided interested buyers with 1-page flyers including property details. We developed multi-page brochures for their commercial listings. The brochures provide in-depth details about the property, photos, local maps, census data and more. Potential buyers and commercial real estate agents can easily find property details and see the value in each property.