Nathan Abbott Team


Creative Sol Marketing truly understands our vision and has a clean design aesthetic.
The Challenge:

Establish a recognizable and trustworthy brand in order to develop long term local recognition and a steady client base with opportunity for future growth.

The Outcome:

In a five-year period, the team has grown significantly in size, client base, volume of properties sold annually and annual production.

Marketing a real estate team takes more than sending occasional client emails and property postcards. It takes a wide view of the overall marketing strategy for the brand and includes detailed marketing efforts for properties and soliciting leads.
The details:

When we began working with the Nathan Abbott Team in 2014 in Destin, Florida. The team was comprised of six individual agent and a team leader. One of our first projects was to update the team brand and logo. With the “Abbott brand” being widely recognized in the area due to past family businesses, we kept the overall look of the logo, but updated the colors and cleaned it up. With an updated logo in place, we began updating all the marketing collateral for the team, including business cards, postcards, newsletters and email marketing templates. The updated templates have only slightly changed since then and have helped establish a brand for the team that is easily recognizable to the public. The clean and modern design combined with bright colors helps convey the professionalism of the team, while referencing the fun beach vibes.

A major part of the updated brand included sprucing up the website. Our focus for the website was on creating rich and relevant content. We researched and wrote customized copy for the entire website. One of the most useful sections we created is the community pages. These pages provide leads with tons of useful information about the areas the team serves and adds significant weight to the SEO capabilities of the website. Over the years, different companies have ‘re-built’ the team website. However, one thing remains – our copy writing.

Since the team’s focus is to help clients buy and sell properties, we worked with them to establish a property marketing package that makes it easy for them to do just that. It’s automated in the agent’s eyes. Once a property is listed, our team immediately gets to work creating a listed postcard, listed email blast, on-site property flyer, open house materials, social media posts and special printed materials for luxury properties. The agent usually writes a listing description, but we can help with that too. Within a few days of a property being listed, the agent has professional marketing materials in-hand to promote the property. When a property sells, we have a similar sold property marketing package that we produce just as quickly.

Over the years, the team has grown in number of agents, areas served and types of services. We worked with the team leader to establish a new brand targeting luxury buyers and sellers – Emerald Coast Luxury. We created the logo, website and all print and email marketing materials.

We also recently launched a new subdivision of the team that focuses on serving community developers. We provide a new community development with all the marketing materials needed to sell lots and plans, custom designed branding, property renderings, a beautiful website and an on-site sales team.

Now Creative Sol Marketing oversees all team marketing and personally handles the majority of the marketing. From blogging and email blasts to client promotions and team events, we provide continual marketing support.

Since we’ve started working with the team, their annual sales volume has almost doubled and they have increased annual production by over $26 million! Knowing their property marketing is consistently in place and handled by skilled designers and copy writers makes it easy for the team to continue growing and attract new agents. Having a full-service marketing team at their disposal has allowed them to easily scale their business and add new services. We are proud to continue being a part of this team’s growth!

Creative Sol Marketing has been our go-to for marketing and design for our real estate team and also personal branding for my non-profit Gulf Therapy and events. From working with us since 2010, they truly understands our vision and have a clean design aesthetic. I can communicate verbally what I need and they can bring it to light with little direction. It is sometimes hard to find someone who is skilled at the creative side of marketing but also equally as good at copy. Amber is talented at both! She writes eloquently and is even great at analyzing statistics and details in order to know what to highlight. We have used their services for new logo design, email marketing campaigns, print marketing, launching and branding new developments, blogs, newsletters, promo item design and more. A one stop shop.
Amanda Abbott, Realtor/Listing Specialist, Nathan Abbott Team